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LGiU & London Higher: Mapping University Estates for Regeneration Partnerships

Start date: 23 Jan 2019

LGiU, London Higher and the University of London are very pleased to invite you to a breakfast briefing and discussion on ‘Mapping University Estates for Regeneration Partnerships’, bringing together a select group of senior university managers and London cabinet members. The higher education sector in London has a combined body of 377,000 students and generates […]

Local partnership working for a vibrant night time economy (Conservative conference fringe)

Start date: 1 Oct 2018

An attractive night time economy makes sense for councils as it can reduce costs, boost business rate income, improve community wellbeing and create jobs. How can partnerships with the health services, police, businesses and others help councils make the most of these benefits? LGiU and Portman Group will be hosting a fringe event at the […]

LGiU Seminar: Tackling inequalities: Issues and practical strategies for councils

Start date: 12 Sep 2016

The seminar is about: Fairness Commissions, Inclusive Economic Growth and Working with local communities to promote equality. Drawing on the experiences and the role of Fairness Commissions as part of broader alliances with civil society and local communities, and how local authorities can build on and develop existing achievements beyond 2016 .

Future of Town Centres

Start date: 9 Jun 2016

This seminar takes stock of policy for high streets and town centres and of the contribution to the ‘high street offer’ of elements like street markets, arts, and culture. Delegates are invited to engage with the speakers throughout the day, and there will be an opportunity to participate in an in-depth discussion in the afternoon session, led by Julian Dobson, author of How to save our town centres.

LGiU Seminar: Devolution and Local Growth: Beyond Growth deals

Start date: 7 Apr 2016

This seminar takes stock of progress in devolution, with a particular emphasis on new powers or resources to stimulate local growth. But it also offers an opportunity to look beyond the current stage of institutional reshaping to consider what more could be achieved with fully empowered local leadership, and the implications for devolution for areas and local government structures not included in the high-profile ‘City Deal’ agreements.

The Local Authority and the Sharing Economy: Sustainable Community Action

Start date: 23 Feb 2016

This seminar will focus on how local authorities might unleash the power of the sharing economy for their local communities and for collaboration between agencies. The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services […]

Engaging your communities through education

Start date: 6 Nov 2015

This Seminar will look at some of the new ideas developing around community education and the pivotal role that local authorities can play in partnership with others. This partnership can be one with local communities, universities and colleges and the wider civil society. What we would like to do in this seminar is explore some of these ideas and ask you to discuss how you think community education could develop in your locality, what the nature of that education would be and what partners you would involve.