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Doom on the high street?

10 Apr 2019

Towns have had none of the attention that has been lavished on cities in recent years, writes Janet Sillett. But any solution to help them thrive must see towns as more than a single shopping street. 

Reflections on a visit to Auschwitz

15 Nov 2018

What we make of memorial sites - how we preserve their authenticity yet make them accessible to many people is crucial if they are to stand as lasting reminders, reflects Janet Sillett after a visit to the former concentration camp in Poland.

Viewpoint: Run together

16 May 2017

Carol Grant finds lessons in the Parkrun story about the value of investing time and effort into collaborative relationships and the success that can be achieved when different partners focus on working well together.

Parks: celebrating their true value

21 Mar 2017

How important can parks be in the general order of things? asks Janet Sillett. When social care is under huge pressure and council budgets are squeezed everywhere? Parks? Nice for Spring bulbs maybe or a quick stroll with the dog; a kickabout or a snooze when the weather improves. But seriously – parks?

What is the future of local government services?

20 Jan 2017

Local government is facing unprecedented challenges. Our civic discourse seems to be in tumult, finances are dire, but people still rely on local public services for so much and this year our policy themes address each of these challenges. Councils have some tough choices ahead. New duties on homelessness and the perennial problem of finding […]

Public service – stories that matter

19 Jan 2017

Dawn Reeves is a facilitator and trainer working largely with public sector clients. For the past few years she has been interested in changing the narrative about the public sector, exploring creative ways to tell the real stories from the local government and other public services. She explains the importance of giving voice to those stories and shares some of them with us.

Viewpoint: Drawing together – the Big Draw Festival

6 Oct 2016

The Big Draw is a national arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing – in its broadest sense - as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Director Kate Mason explains, as she introduces their Big Draw Festival taking place this month.

Viewpoint: Parks are at a tipping point

15 Sep 2016

Mark Camley, chair of The Parks Alliance, discusses the crisis facing our parks and the challenges faced by the local authorities in managing our green spaces. Parks are on the national agenda at the moment. The publication of the recent Heritage Lottery Fund’s (HLF) report ‘State of UK Public Parks 2016’  is a significant moment […]