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Wellbeing for councillors: keeping safe and happy this autumn

6 Sep 2019

As a busy autumn approaches with party conferences and a potential General Election on the horizon, politicians are under more scrutiny in the public eye than usual. Both the media and the general public are paying more attention to what MPs and councillors are doing, and this can have an adverse effect on your safety […]

Building a vibrant night time economy

8 Aug 2016

This article is taken from ‘Building a vibrant night time economy’, a report published by LGiU and Portman Group in July 2016. A vibrant night time economy brings with it many benefits. It is estimated to be worth £66bn a year to the UK economy and employs 1.3m people, so there is great potential for […]

Tackling child sexual exploitation

10 Mar 2015

John Fowler on the eye-catching statements made by the Prime Minister at last week's Downing Street summit on preventing child exploitation.

Leadership on Probation

9 Sep 2013

The probation service relies on partnerships between agencies, which have to tackle multiple problems. Without local leadership and coordination there is a real risk that these partnerships will not materialise. There are some cases of good practice to learn from. The Isle of Wight’s council has set up a partnership with its prisons and provides […]

LGiU response to ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ consultation

4 Mar 2013

Last month, LGiU submitted a response to the Government's 'Transforming Rehabilitation' consultation. In this blogpost we outline why we think the Government's proposals will not achieve their aims and the democratic perspective of local authorities has not been adequately considered in the consultation. Working with UNISON, the LGiU advocates a different model for delivering rehabilitation services: Primary Justice.

LGiU guide to Police and Crime Commissioners

19 Nov 2012

Following last week's Police and Crime Commissioner elections, the LGiU has produced a handy guide for local authorities and others who are interested in the role of the PCCs and the implications for councils.

Free LGiU member briefing: Police and Crime Commissioners – November update

8 Nov 2012

Below is an LGiU member briefing on Police and Crime Commissioners. It is available to all members and non-members of the LGiU. Members can access the PDF version here. Summary This is the fourth in a series of briefings focusing on Police and Crime Commissioners before the first elections on 15 November. Media coverage remains focused […]

Co-operating on combating crime

16 Oct 2012

It’s one of the most radical policies of the coalition, it could make a huge difference to policing in England and Wales, writes Mark D’Arcy, but almost no-one outside the politeratti is talking about the impending arrival of elected Police and Crime Commissioners. Who will they be? What will they do? And how will they work with other local agencies.