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Homelessness – the road to prevention

29 Nov 2018 in Reports

In this long read Andrew Walker outlines the recent discussions of the LGiU's Homelessness Commission on how councils can support vulnerable people, particularly young people, in danger of becoming homeless and how they can use their data to join up services more effectively.

Standing Room Only: Have we enough school places?

17 Sep 2013 in Reports

Over the past three years, the LGiU in partnership with the NUT and Unison has conducted qualitative research to assess the impact of schools becoming academies. More than half of secondary schools are now academies of free schools and soon about one in 10 primary schools will be. They are independent of local authorities and […]

Should we shed the middle tier?

25 Sep 2012 in Reports

This report, based on LGiU research conducted in partnership with the NUT and Unison,  looks at the future of education governance in light of the fact that more than half of secondary schools are now academies or free schools: independent of local authorities and accountable to the Secretary of State. Conversions to academy status are […]

In it together: In practice

1 Mar 2012 in Reports

In It Together: In Practice is the culmination of an extended piece of joint research by the LGiU and the Children’s Services Development Group (CSDG) – gathering senior representatives from local government and service providers together. The report is the third in CSDG’s In It Together series, which has sought to demonstrate how strategic partnership […]

The Future of Local Government’s Role in the School System

29 Sep 2011 in Reports

In partnership with the NUT and Unison, the LGiU conducted a survey of 80 local government children’s services leaders, focusing on the future of local government’s role in the changing education system. This is the report of the survey findings.