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Are we failing the health of our adolescents and young people?

13 Mar 2019 in Briefings

The Nuffield Trust has looked at international comparisons of health and wellbeing in adolescence and early adulthood .finding that, despite improvements, the UK compares poorly with other, similar countries in providing support to young people with long-term conditions to manage their care, and that this appears to be getting worse.

Are modern families waving or drowning?

12 Mar 2019 in Briefings

Working Families and Bright Horizons Family Solutions have published their Modern Families Index, produced annually since 2012. It looks at how working families manage the balance between work and family in the UK.

‘Keeping kids safe’: Children’s Commissioner – gang violence etc

5 Mar 2019 in Briefings

There are an estimated 27,000 children in England who identify as gang members, only a fraction of whom are known to children’s services. Local areas are not facing up to the scale of the problem, are not taking notice of the risk factors and are not listening to parents and communities who ask for help. Children in gangs should not be treated as criminals but should be subjected to safeguarding procedures.

Academy accounts and performance – Commons Public Accounts Committee

28 Feb 2019 in Briefings

Academy accounts and performance – Commons Public Accounts Committee Summary The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has published a report Academy accounts and performance (HC 1597, 23 January 2019). It is part of the committee’s ongoing work scrutinising the accounting and management of public spending by the Department for Education (DfE). The report […]

Tackling disadvantage in the early years – Commons Education Committee

21 Feb 2019 in Briefings

The report finds that despite the government's efforts to improve early years education, there is lack of direction in the approach. Reform of the 30 hours free childcare offer is sought to help disadvantaged children as part of a strategy to join up early years services and build on the success of children’s centres and other provision, such as family hubs.

DfE Teacher recruitment and retention strategy and the Early career framework

14 Feb 2019 in Briefings

The strategy aims to reduce workload at all stages of a teacher’s career, including further reform of the accountability system and provide specialist National Professional Qualifications. The Early Career Framework aims to transform support for teachers at the start of their careers, including an entitlement to a funded two-year support package.

Ofsted: New Education Inspection Framework – consultation

8 Feb 2019 in Briefings

Ofsted is consulting (until 4 April 2019) on a revised framework for inspection early years, schools and further education and skills which Ofsted claims is the ‘most evidence-based, research-informed and tested framework in Ofsted’s 26-year history’.

The draft domestic abuse bill

6 Feb 2019 in Briefings

The draft Domestic Abuse Bill is now open for consultation. The draft bill’s provisions include a statutory definition of domestic abuse, a new domestic abuse commissioner and a system of domestic abuse protection notices and protection orders to deter and monitor perpetrators

NAO – Pressures on children’s social care

1 Feb 2019 in Briefings

The National Audit Office has analysed increased local authority expenditure on children’s social care services, finding demand outstripping increases in the child population, but with a significant part of the variation between local authorities remaining unexplained.