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Off-rolling in English schools

18 Jan 2019 in Briefings

There is growing interest in ‘off-rolling’, the removal of pupils from school rolls during the latter years of compulsory school education, possibly in order to enhance a school’s league table position. This briefing looks at recent research into this phenomenon.

JRF Report: UK Poverty 2018

7 Jan 2019 in Briefings

The annual report produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) on poverty trends in the UK considers the impact on children, pensioners and people in work.

Education for the modern world – CBI-Pearson 2018 report

3 Jan 2019 in Briefings

The annual Confederation of British Industry (CBI) education and skills report, now done with Pearson, is based on a survey on businesses of all sizes. It provides insights into what British business wants, where improvements in current arrangements are required, and lessons for local government in working with local employers.

Ofsted Annual Report 2017-18

19 Dec 2018 in Briefings

Ofsted’s Annual Report covers inspection evidence from early years, schools, children’s social care, and further education and skills as well as the inspectorate’s advice to government. Change was mostly positive but schools ‘stuck in a cycle of poor performance’ unregistered schools, reduction in LA funding, and parents taking responsibility were media headlines.

DfE: Schools causing concern: November 2018

14 Dec 2018 in Briefings

The DfE has updated the guidance on Schools Causing Concern to take account of changes announced in May by the Secretary of State: the designation of a local authority maintained school as coasting will not lead to an Academy Order but to additional support being offered is part of several changes

Equity in Education: OECD and DfE research

7 Dec 2018 in Briefings

OECD and DfE-commissioned research have looked at the life chances of young people as they progress through the education system and the factors which assist or otherwise as they progress into work. The reports raise serious issues for local and national government about our education and welfare systems can support more equitable outcomes.

DfE – Teacher workload advisory group

28 Nov 2018 in Briefings

Teacher working hours in England are significantly higher than other countries with implications for recruitment and retention. The latest DfE plan to reduce workload is on data collection reduction, and also a letter from the Secretary of State signed by some national organisation (but not local government) announcing ‘there is still more to do’.

Alternative Provision – the debate continues

22 Nov 2018 in Briefings

Alternative provision – educational provision for children out of school – remains in the spotlight as it manages the increased number of children who have been excluded and off-rolled. This briefing looks at the Government response to the Commons education committee report and two DfE research reports, one a national picture of provision, and the other on the local markets for provision.