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A seat at the table but where’s the table?

15 Mar 2018

Why is local government being virtually excluded from the brexit negotiations, wonders Janet Sillett, when it is the perfect opportunity press ahead with meaningful decentralisation of power.

Manchester vs the Cayman Isles?

28 Nov 2017

An unusual week in politics last week, writes Janet Sillett, where brexit wasn’t the only story in town – with the budget equalling it in headlines.

Viewpoint: BREXploration

19 Oct 2017

Brexit will have numerous consequences for local government, Councillor Iain Malcolm, Leader of South Tyneside Council says that councils must make themselves heard in the negotiations and discusses a recent event aimed at giving voice to North East Councils.

Reigniting localism: three essays on the future of local government

6 Oct 2017

Councils are in policy limbo. With Whitehall and Westminster fully absorbed by the unfolding drama of Brexit, and local government policy narrowed to dealing with the consequences of the Grenfell tragedy, little bandwidth remains for addressing more strategic issues. The LGiU is launching a series of essays, in which we will explore the main challenges facing local authorities and identify some solutions for moving forward.

A seat at the table?

19 Jul 2017

Where is the voice of local government in the Brexit debate? Asks Janet Sillett. You’d have to look pretty hard to find it.

Brexit – local government on the sidelines?

7 Feb 2017

In a post-Brexit world sub-national government will be key to economic growth, rebuilding social cohesion and reconnecting people with democratic institutions, writes Janet Sillett. Local government must make that clear to Westminster and Westminster must listen.

Is politics broken?

5 Dec 2016

And what can local government do about it? Post Brexit, post Trump is politics broken? For politics as we know it, the short answer is yes, politics is broken. I believe in democracy, but I am not foolish enough to believe that it always delivers the right outcome or even that it delivers the least […]

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