Policy Briefings

IFS Report: The Impacts of Localised Council Tax Support Schemes

May 30, 2019

The recent analysis published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies of how local authorities have designed their local Council Tax Support (CTS) schemes attempts to explain variations in terms of different characteristics such as political control and the overall funding situation.

Maintained nursery schools – DfE research

May 29, 2019

Maintained nursery schools differ from other early years providers in the range and quality of their work. DfE commissioned research attempts to pin down the differences and their value.

Not for Sale

May 23, 2019

There seems to be substantial governmental activity taking place to combat modern slavery, but there has also been criticism of the lack of progress by the Home Office as numbers of potential modern slavery victims are increasing year on year.


Youth Work Inquiry and the Youth Charter

May 22, 2019

The Youth Work Inquiry sponsored by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Affairs finds that youth work is both wanted and needed by young people today, and that youth services can respond not just to young people as individuals, but also to their wider communities. The briefing looks forward to…

BEIS Committee Report: Sector Deals

May 21, 2019

The BEIS Committee’s report on industrial strategy addresses the processes of securing sector deals and what has been achieved or agreed through them so far. The process has tended to favour sectors that have already received significant state funding and ignoring the challenge of the ‘long tail’ of low productivity.

What outcomes matter when it comes to mental health?

May 20, 2019

Measuring outcomes in mental health services is complex and difficult, with professionals and service users often having different perspectives on the nature of mental illness and the role of services in addressing it. This challenge is considered in the King’s Fund's “Outcomes for mental health services – what really matters?”.

Disability and Incapacity Benefits and Universal Credit

May 16, 2019

ESA claimants will be among the single largest claimant group within managed migration to Universal Credit. What are the implications of migration for this very large group of people? Recent reports have given some idea of the scale of the transition and how it varies among local areas.