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Housing and planning round-up September 2019

September 17, 2019

September’s housing and planning round-up includes government announcements, latest statistics, major reports and ongoing consultations. This month’s ‘big issue’ is shared ownership, looking at proposals to allow households in England to buy a property in smaller increments.

What can Open Streets do?

September 17, 2019

In this briefing we draw on the international experiences with Open Streets across the globe to ask what Open Streets can do in UK towns and cities, and how.

Devolution at 20: a process, not an event

September 16, 2019

Devolution is 20 years old. The anniversary has prompted debate amongst politicians, the media and commentators about the state of devolution. Has devolution increased the quality of democracy, boosted the economy, improved public services and led to a clear constitutional settlement that works for the UK as a whole?

Spending Round 2019 and Local Government

September 16, 2019

The final briefing in our series on the recent Spending Round looks at local government announcements, comparing the SR with the recommendations from the MHCLG Select Committee’s report on local government funding. The additional funding is welcome but does the SR mean an end to austerity or just a pause?

Childhood – Action for Children and other reports

September 13, 2019

In the last two months there have been three reports on the state of childhood in the UK. This briefing focuses mainly on the Action for Children report which shows the widening gap between children growing up in vulnerable circumstances and those growing up in greater affluence. Policy recommendations are…

Spending Round 2019: Analysis

September 12, 2019

This briefing is the second of three assessing the Chancellor’s spending announcements made in Spending Round 2019. it looks at the current state of public finances and the shortening available spending headroom under current fiscal rules. A page has been turned on austerity, but much remains uncertain.

New Towns, Next Chapter

September 10, 2019

The New Towns are one of Britain’s great success stories. Despite creating hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities and popular places to live, too many New Towns have been left behind, with crumbling infrastructure and a lack of investment. How can their future be assured?

The Meaning of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

September 9, 2019

Although the possibility of a no deal brexit has fallen, it could still happen. This briefing sets out the likely consequences of no deal. It includes a summary of government preparations, with a focus on operation Yellowhammer.

The Two-Child Limit in Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit

September 6, 2019

This briefing deals with what is known so far about the Two Child Policy which began in April 2017. Through the policy, income support provided to families through tax credits, Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (UC), has been limited to two children.

School Transport – DfE consultation and current state of provision

September 6, 2019

The draft revised guidance clarifies LA statutory duties on home to school transport responding to concerns that some policies contain unlawful elements or are unclear and difficult to understand. Consultation closes 31 October 2019. The briefing also surveys the current state of provision.