Briefing: ‘Keeping kids safe’: Children’s Commissioner – gang violence etc

Policy product type
LGiU essential policy briefing
Published date
March 5, 2019
Martin Rogers
Issues Covered
  • Extent of gang membership
  • Gang membership
  • Keeoing children from gang violence
  • Local co-ordination to identify and tackle gang violence
  • Similarly to Child Sexual Exploitation
Children's services and education, Crime, policing and community safety, Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement
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DfE Consultation Children and Social Work Act – Working Together to Safeguard Children (November 2017)

There are an estimated 27,000 children in England who identify as gang members, only a fraction of whom are known to children’s services. Local areas are not facing up to the scale of the problem, are not taking notice of the risk factors and are not listening to parents and communities who ask for help. Children in gangs should not be treated as criminals but should be subjected to safeguarding procedures.

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