Briefing: Fairness Commissions

Policy product type
LGiU essential policy briefing
Published date
August 13, 2013
Janet Sillett, Carol O'Donnell LGiU associate
Issues Covered
  • fairness commissioners
  • final reports of commissions
  • inequalities
  • Living Wage
  • structure of commissions
Children's services and education, Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Economy and Regeneration, Health, public health, adult social care, Housing and Planning, Local government finance, On your radar, central government, Public Service Reform and Corporate Performance, Trade union and workforce issues, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement, Welfare and Equalities

A number of councils have established Fairness Commissions over the last three years. Although they vary according to local circumstances, there are some shared characteristics. The briefing considers the context in which the commissions have been set up and how they compare with previous initiatives.

We give a brief description of each of these – their structure and membership, the motivation behind them, and, where they have published their reports, a look at their recommendations and how councils are taking these forward.

The information for the briefing has come mainly from council and commission websites – see links at the end. In some cases there has not been much published – especially where the commission is relatively new.

This briefing will be of particular interest to those councils thinking of setting up a Fairness Commission and to others that may want to look at different approaches (which the briefing also refers to).

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