Briefing: DfE consultation: Social work: national assessment and accreditation system

Policy product type
CSN briefing
Published date
February 6, 2017
Kathy Baker
Issues Covered
  • Assessment and Accreditation of social workers
  • Future career pathways for social workers
  • Transition to the new system for children and family social workers
Children's services and education, Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Health, public health, adult social care, Trade union and workforce issues, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement
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The DfE is consulting (until 14 March) on a National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) for child and family social workers with the aim of obtaining greater public assurance that social workers and their leaders have the knowledge and skills to support effective practice. This is the CSN briefing on the consultation.

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