Briefing: Civil Society, Fairness Commissions and Poverty Reduction

Policy product type
LGiU essential policy briefing
Published date
July 2, 2014
Andrew Jones, LGiU Associate
Issues Covered
  • Austerity
  • Inequality
  • poverty
Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement, Welfare and Equalities
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In May 2014 the Webb Memorial Trust (WMT) published two reports on approaches to tackling poverty and inequality in the UK. The first of these examines approaches and initiatives by civil society and Fairness Commissions. The Second provides more detail about Fairness Commissions and enlarges on the section on Fairness Commissions in the first report.

Fairness Commissions are in nearly all cases local authority-led initiatives concerned with tackling poverty in the context of severe spending cuts. They are at different stages of development, but many have published reports detailing local conditions and proposing solutions.

The WMT reports contain details on the processes of setting up Fairness Commissions, their strengths and weaknesses, common themes in issues addressed, and progress in implementing solutions.

The reports will be of interest to members and officers in all types of authority with and interest in poverty reduction, strategy, and civil society.

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