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Homelessness and Data

October 16, 2018 by Andrew Walker

As part of the Local Government Homelessness Commission, LGiU held an evidence session on data and homelessness prevention last week. This was the first in a series of four sessions investigating how councils can deliver on the goals of the Homelessness Reduction Act. It was chaired by Cllr Peter Fleming, leader…

The State of Care

October 12, 2018 by Ingrid Koehler

The Care Quality Commission has just published its annual state of care report looking at the quality of health and social care and the issues facing these vital sectors. It’s widely acknowledged that both health and care are facing a fairly acute funding crisis, the CQC highlighted the good –…

LGiU Fortnightly 5th October: Party’s over, folks! The council view of conference season

October 5, 2018 by Jennifer Glover

Party conference season isn’t ALL about Westminster politics. LGiU brings you the local government view from Brighton, Liverpool and Birmingham. From Theresa May lifting the HRA cap to Emily Maitlis challenging Liz Truss on council finances, big words from Andrew Gwynne on community empowerment and Lib Dem plans to tackle…

Where next for council funding? The view from East Anglia

October 5, 2018 by Jennifer Glover

Where next for council funding? That was the question we posed to our guests in Norwich City Hall at our recent roundtable on local government finance. We were joined by council leaders, cabinet members, chief executives and finance directors from councils across the East of England for a fascinating discussion…

LGiU Fortnightly 21st September: Trust in (local) politics

September 21, 2018 by Jennifer Glover

What does it mean to ‘trust’ political institutions? And how can local government play its part in raising the level of political discourse? As part of our Public Trust Lab project, we focus on issues of transparency, accountability and democratic processes in this week’s episode. We bring you highlights from…

Bridging the gap

September 19, 2018 by Jonathan Carr-West

We have, believes Jonathan Carr-West, an increasingly accurate and compelling vision for how our civic futures could look. But how do we bridge the gap from where we are now to where we need to be?

Integrity, openness and fairness in building public trust

September 14, 2018 by Ingrid Koehler

“The language of politics has been debased. It is cruel, filled with insult, sneer and personal animosities as a result of the confusion that reigns. And everyone is shouting in more extreme language from the rooftops. I think that people are bemused, frustrated and cross. No one is listening to…

Viewpoint: Cuts to spending on disadvantage foreshadow a looming crisis

September 12, 2018 by LGiU

Lloyds Bank Foundation's new research from the New Policy Institute looks at changes to local government spending supporting people facing disadvantage. For LGiU, Caroline Howe, Policy and National Programmes Manager, Lloyds Bank Foundation explains what they’ve found.