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Boston final edition

May 7, 2009 by Andy Sawford

The Boston Globe, one of America’s leading newspapers, well known for its coverage of national and international news, as well as city and state news, is on the verge of being wound up after a dispute between its owner and the workforce.  So anyday now could see the final edition,…

Competition conflict and collectivism

April 30, 2009 by Andy Sawford

The two Harvard freshmen who gave us a tour delighted in stories of competition with other universities, conflict with the neighbouring town of Cambridge, and collective action of varying kinds, including the alumni who have made Harvard the second wealthiest private institution in the world.  The wealthiest is the Catholic Church.  …

Stealing home

April 28, 2009 by Andy Sawford

Do you use the expression ‘home run’, do you sometimes just want ‘ball park’ figures or to ‘hit it out of the ball park’.    All of this means more to me now after getting the hottest ticket in America to see the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees. …

Boston, Massachusetts

April 26, 2009 by Andy Sawford

It’s not that there is anything wrong with Boston in Lincolnshire, it’s a smashing place, but there is potential for geographic confusion. I am here in Boston for a week long course at Harvard and MIT, along with a group of Chief Executives of public sector organisations, courtesy of BT…

local health services and accountability

April 26, 2009 by Andy Sawford

Feedback from our big debate on health accountability last week, hosted with the All Party Parliamentary Local Government Group. We had a mix of local authorities around the table, represented by Councillors and officers working in the health field, with health practitioners and national health organisations such as the NHS Confederation…

Educating for financial capability

April 23, 2009 by Jasmine Ali

There is a proposal in Budget 2009 (page 98) to include financial capability as a part of the statutory secondary school curriculum. Apart from seeing a role for local government in spreading its considerable expertise, it makes you wish that such a course was available to bankers at RBS, Lloyds etc…

Localise Criminal Justice Now

April 22, 2009 by Glyn Gaskarth

All Party Parliamentary Local Government Group (APPG) Inquiry into Justice in Communities: First Oral Evidence Session: Today, is the first parliamentary oral evidence session for the new APPG inquiry into Justice in Communities. This investigation, coordinated by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU), in partnership with London Councils, Northgate Information…

Prevent child misery

April 21, 2009 by Jasmine Ali

The Looked-after Children report published 20 April 09 by the Children, Schools and Families Committee rightly highlights the lack of consensus about the purpose of the care system in supporting vulnerable children, in particular how it might develop as “an integral part of a continuum of effective family support services.”…

Council housing progress

April 21, 2009 by Andy Sawford

Following much lobbying, including by the LGiU, expect to see an announcement in the budget tomorrow of a new fund to support council house building. It will be one part of a package of around £1bn to stimulate the housing market, which will also include extending the stamp duty holiday…

Snoopers Charter reviewed

April 17, 2009 by Jonathan Carr-West

I see that Jacqui Smith has announced a review of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and that councils will face new restrictions in their use of these surveillance powers. I’d like to think that this is because the Home Secretary was blown away by the powerful arguments in…

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