LGiU Australia

A joint venture between local democracy think tank LGiU and SGS Economics and Planning, LGiU Australia is a policy information membership service dedicated to local government across Australia. We work to inform our members by providing practical, up-to-the-minute intelligence on policy issues pertinent to local government in Australia. The service draws on information and good practice from all over Australia and around the world to help public servants make policy, support residents and work more effectively with colleagues. Our core service offers:

  • Daily news bulletin with summarising what the papers are saying about local government across Australia
  • Briefings, reports and other content written by sector colleagues and academics in Australia supplemented by international insights on relevant local government issues from our global network of associates
  • Workshops, roundtables and other events
  • Interesting and insightful guest blog posts from around the world

For more information about the LGiU Australia service or to enquire about membership for your council please contact hannah.muirhead@lgiu.org.uk

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