LGiU is a think tank and local authority membership organisation as well as a registered charity; and what we are about is pretty simple. We are all about people and the places where we live: we are about the everyday essentials that make life work – health, schools, homes, jobs, support, open spaces and the rest. And the thread that weaves through all our work is our core belief that all these essentials are best when they are designed and delivered locally.

How we work

At LGiU we feel that we are in a pretty fortunate position. We are lucky to have a wide network of councils, community groups, voluntary sector organisations, businesses and others with a deep interest in and commitment to local public services. The work we do is driven and informed by this network. We listen, we collaborate, we spark ideas off each other and from that mix comes the very practical daily information that we offer our member authorities, creative thinking about how we meet the challenges we face now and in the future and the expertise to put those ideas into action.


We are a membership association: we work with around 200 member organisations. Our members manage the business of the LGiU and provide oversight for our work by sending representatives to the Management Assembly and being elected to the Executive Board.

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Our ideas

Our mission is simple: strengthen local democracy to put citizens in control of their own lives, communities and local services. From practical briefings to the collaborative development of effective solutions to local challenges - discover what we do and how we do it.

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Who does what at the LGiU? The LGiU has a permanent team of staff as well as a network of briefing writer associates, based both at our office in London and around the country. Put faces to names and find out how to contact the most relevant staff member if you have a query.

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