What’s the big idea?

We’ve just sent the latest edition of c’llr magazine to the printers; hard copies will be with our members next week and it will be on our website later this week.

Our special focus for the edition is ‘Big Ideas’. Well that’s all very well and nebulous you might think, but it also makes for some thought-provoking reading.

We gave our contributors pretty much a free rein in terms of what they wrote about and the common threads that emerge are interesting,

Empowering your locality, find purpose of places and particularly the future role of cities in the world are all very much to the fore in the feature, including excellent pieces from Bristol’s elected mayor Marvin Rees, Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive of Centre for Cities and Anthony Zacharzewski of the Democratic Society.

The global place of UK cities and the role of local government in shaping that place is something that we have been discussing recently at LGiU (including in our Future Local series of articles) and increasingly we are seeing more and more examples of cities forging ahead with European and global links independently of central government.

We’d like to hear what you think about the global future of our local places. And also – returning to the imminent edition of c’llr magazine – what are your big ideas for local government? Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss writing a post or, as always, feel free to comment below the line.