The new DCLG line-up

As Dan Drillsma-Milgrom reported for the LGC “David Cameron’s first wide-ranging ministerial reshuffle has seen local government left with a substantially changed ministerial team at the Department for Communities & Local Government”.

Here’s the new team and their responsibilites:

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: Eric Pickles

Responsible for: The overall strategic direction of the Department

Senior Minister of State: Baroness Warsi

Responsible for: Faith and Communities

Housing Minister: Mark Prisk (taking over from Grant Shapps who is now Conservative Party chairman)

Responsible for: Deputy to the Secretary of State across the Department’s responsibilities, Housing, Local Growth, Cities and Regeneration, High Streets, Town Centres and Markets

Planning Minister: Nick Boles (taking over from Greg Clark who has gone to the Treasury as finance secretary)

Responsible for: Planning and Development, Local Growth (supporting Mark Prisk), Deregulation

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Don Foster (replaces Andrew Stunell)

Responsible for: Integration and Race Equality, Localism, Decentralisation and Community Rights, Building Regulations, Housing (supporting Mark Prisk), Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Brandon Lewis (replaces Bob Neill)

Responsible for: Local Government, Fire and Resilience, Thames Gateway, Travellers, Community Pubs

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Baroness Hanham CBE

Responsible for: Departmental business in the House of Lords, Troubled Families (supporting the Secretary of State), Productivity, Procurement and value for money, European Regional Development Fund, Transparency, QEII Conference Centre

It is also worth noting the brief given to David Laws (Schools Minister) includes engagement with local authorities.

    1. Pierre Maurice says:

      Secretary of State Eric Pickles is so out of touch it is not funny. He allocated a budget to enable councils to bring back weekly rubbish bin collections. He allocated £250 million for 250 councils to get on the scheme. How many councils took him up on it? Just 1 in the whole of the country. Eric Pickles is in touch with 0.04% of the country.

    2. chris corbett says:

      Looks like a good solid team to me who will be able to carry on the good work of the Government. I am sorry to lose Bob Neil,Greg Clark and Grant Shapps, but I am sure their replacements will do well.

      A loyal and confident Conservative Councillor

    3. Janet Duncton says:

      What the heck as like is awaiting moderation. There is nothing moderate about those who can’t afford a roof over their heads not getting one. Come on.
      Angry Conservative Councillor.

    4. Janet Duncton says:

      This really does show how out of touch David Cameron is via his Minister Eric Pickles. Do they ever ask the people who know or do they sit around with glass in hand and say ‘I know, let’s see if we can mess up something like Planning by doing’ whatever crazy scheme they think up next.
      Please, please please ask those of us who know out there sometimes. There are plenty of applications given but Developers are not supid. They will not build until they think they can sell or is that to simple for you.
      Have the Government said where the money will come from to build affordable houses. Quota’s were about our only method at the moment.
      Must have taken the Government hours to think up practically nothing. Now here’s a thought. Perhaps we can’t build the amount you want in Government because the infrastructure is in a total mess. Get to grips with that one and you might achieve something.

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