April 7 – Andy Sawford to lead Powerful Ideas lecture at the British Museum

LGiU’s Chief Executive Andy Sawford will be leading next month’s Powerful Ideas lecture at the British Museum.

In “Localism will lead to the emancipation of local government and give much-needed power back to the people”, Andy will be considering what localism really means, why it’s so popular right now, who will exercise the power in the new political landscape and the potential consequences.

The CCLA series of thought-provoking lectures aims to galvanise debate about how to tackle the challenges facing our society today.

Tickets are free and open to all – please follow this link to reserve your place.

    1. Neil Fitzmaurice says:

      My Local Council is making decisions more local by developing Community Assemblies. There are four public meetings a year but I’ve just discovered that there are many more meetings of the CAs to which the public are not invited. No information is published about these meetings, no agendas, attendance details reports or minutes despite the fact that they are serviced by the ‘Committee Secretariat’. Officers I’ve spoken to say that there have to be private meetings. I’m puzzled how this equates with empowering communities. Is this typical?

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