Local government today

Watching Lincolnshire County Council – On a day that Julian Assange is back in court it seems fitting to have been introduced to this site in Lincolnshire – WatchingLCC. It’s a whistleblowing site with“insiders and ex-insiders” anonymously posting gossip and confidential details

As Dave Briggs points out “Whether or not this is the right thing for those behind the site to do is a moot point. The real issue is that the internet makes this kind of activity easy to do, and very difficult to stop”.

What collaborative consumption means for local government – This has been one of the most successful posts we’ve published on the local democracy blog. After meeting Rachel Botsman, author of What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, Andy Johnston mulled over some of her ideas, assessed how it could be applied in a local government context and raised some big questions about the role of traditional service providers.

Munroe review: we need less bureaucracy, more social work – Munro review adviser, Sue White writes in the Guardian’s Local Government Network of the need to stop looking for a magic bullet to help protect children and let social workers do their job. As Jamine Ali posted on the local democracy blog, the report contains lots of “good stuff” but there remain worries about the number of people left after the cuts to deliver on these new ideas.