Twittering local government

Twitter is really catching on in the local government world.   CllrTweeps now has 112 councillors signed up.  If you are on twitter or plan to sign up, in addition to councillors, we suggest following these local government twitterers: 

Edward Welsh from the LGA   @EdwardWelsh 

Ingrid Koehler from the IDEA at @ingridk

Robin Latchem from Local Government Chronicle @lgcplus

And Amelia and I, from the LGiU would appreciate a follow: @AndySawford and @AmeliaCookson

    1. Edward Welsh says:

      Andy: appreciate you suggest people follow me. They should also follow you. Here’s a guest post explaining why I Twitter

    2. Matt Bryant says:

      OK this probably isn’t the right forum to ask this, but is there a way to follow everyone somebody else (i.e. CllrTweet) is following, or do you have to add them all individually.

      Still new to twitter – – but have added Andy and Amelia!

    3. Amelia Cookson says:

      Wera – in the material that has so far come out of the Audit Commission, they have flagged this exact issue as something that will need more thinking through. They will be commissioning some new research during the first year to try and understand how this should work. So expect a light touch approach to start.

      But also remember partnership working won’t be scored – the new system is much more flexible. If there is a problem with the MAA, it won’t automatically impact on how you are reported.

    4. Andy Sawford says:

      Hi Wera, I’ve asked Amelia, our expert on this, to post a reply here. Also, if you send me your email address, via a Direct Message on twitter, I will send you our briefing which you won’t have had as Rochdale aren’t currently members of the LGiU.

    5. Wera Hobhouse says:

      I am libdem councillor and lead member on environment on Rochdale council. I did ‘reply’ to your tweet on CAA, but of dcourse if you don’t follow me you can’t get my ‘reply’ because twitter only works if both parties follow each other..
      So here is my question: how are CAA’s and MAA ( in this case Greater Manchester) meant to work together/interact. How do you separate performance across the region ( AGMA) and attribute it to individual council’s.

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