Social networking

We have been looking at the potential of social networking at the LGiU.  We recently launched our social networking action learning set to support councils, particularly engaging with young people.  You can find out more by joining the Facebook group and going to our website.

I am really liking Twitter.  It’s got lots of potential for connecting with people to develop policy and ideas.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me on the council housing issue.  If you are on it, follow me. If you are not on it, have a go.

    1. Rayyan says:

      John “Two blogs” Prezza has also been exploring the potential of social networking websites – much to the chagrin of Iain Dale and the ire of Catherine Bennett in the Observer. Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy and Pickled Politics offers some pointers as to where the parties might be going wrong when it comes to using online media: could councillors learn from these mistakes? Ingrid Koelher has also produced an excellent guide to using Twitter to keep track of local government, as well as posing some important questions about how local government uses social media in general.

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