Abolish council tax?

At our seminar this week on the future of council tax, we heard a proposal for a new ‘Takeaway Tax’. Every time you have a kebab, the taxman skewers you. The idea wasn’t from within the LGiU and we don’t think it is a runner, but we are nothing if not democratic here, so tell us if you think it’s a good idea. Some people thought we should just abolish council tax. So here is a conspiracy theory – Labour being 10 points behind in the polls says it is going to abolish the unpopular council tax, maybe gets a few good headlines, and forces the Conservatives to say they will also abolish it, leaving them a ‘black hole’ if they win the next election. Far fetched?

    1. Kit says:

      single occupiers pay the most per head since 1990’s….. It a personal tax to this group in a banding system. They pay a 50% house tax on there home and a 25% tax bring there cost up to 75% of a band debt they live in…..

      Totally unfair and pensioners and single persons have gone to prison and faced massive courts add on’s ….

      If everyone paid at this 75% rate it would be called poll tax!

      Over 120% increases since 1993 …

      Local council’s have to go!

      33 london councils systems is well ott and so costly we need 4 system covering the london area and thin out the rest to save us money ….

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