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RSA Inclusive Growth Commission: Final Report

April 26, 2017

Inclusive Growth is defined as broad-based growth that enables the widest range of people and places to both contribute to and benefit from economic success. The Inclusive Growth Commission in its final report argues that inclusive growth…

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Parks: celebrating their true value

March 21, 2017

How important can parks be in the general order of things? asks Janet Sillett. When social care is under huge pressure and council budgets are squeezed everywhere? Parks? Nice for Spring bulbs maybe or a quick stroll…

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Paying for it: the human cost of cut-price care

March 21, 2017

Care is being purchased across England at prices that are simply not economically sustainable. In Paying for It, we look at the human side of a care market on the brink of failure with stories from across…


Seminar: Health and Wellbeing: Improving Community Outcomes

June 27, 2017

This seminar provides an understanding of the legislative and policy framework underpinning health and wellbeing in England including the role of public health, devolution and health and social care transition programmes. It will look at the evidence…

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