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English devolution deals – Reports from the NAO and the PAC

August 3, 2016

How is central government negotiating devolution deals with local areas? The PAC and NAO believe that the deals offer opportunities to stimulate economic growth and reform public services. However the arrangements are untested and the government could do more to provide confidence that these deals will achieve the benefits intended.

Devolution Deals – Governance and Engagement

May 16, 2016

How are devolution deals negotiated and evaluated and are communities and the voluntary sector involved? The two reports considered here from NAVCA and Locality, and from the Political Studies Association, consider these issues and make recommendations for local and central government to improve negotiation and involvement.

Local growth agendas 2016-20

January 7, 2016

The agendas for local authority leadership and management of local growth are extensive and increasingly important. This briefing explores the depth and breadth of work needed in the light of Spending Review 2015 and accompanying policies.

Resilience in Practice – LGiU Policy Briefing

November 12, 2015

A new LGiU report, Resilience in Practice, looks at what resilience means for local authorities. The paper argues that building an understanding of resilience at the local level will enable better responses to the big challenges we face, and offers guidance for councils to facilitate their thinking about the subject.

Citizen Power Peterborough: the Arts and Social Change Programme

September 3, 2015

Citizen Power Peterborough: the Arts and Social Change Programme aimed to use socially engaged art to stimulate community participation and generate new perspectives among leaders of public services. It also sought to support locally based artists to contribute to the city's aspirations.

Enhanced devolution 2015-20 – Building the case

June 23, 2015

In the light of the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, how should local authorities shape and progress proposals for enhanced devolution? This briefing explores key issues raised by the Bill and wider decentralisation announcements of the new government, and considers how local government might respond to them.

Child’s play? Investing in future generations despite austerity

June 8, 2015

Play is crucial for children’s development. Recent reports stress that quality play provision can help meet wider local authority objectives such as increasing volunteering and reducing anti-social behaviour. Funding for play is under threat, however a strategic approach that takes account of these wider benefits could help to maintain services.

Community Rights: an assessment

February 17, 2015

When they were introduced as part of the Localism Agenda in 2012, Community Rights were promoted as enabling people to take responsibility for services, to become directly involved in development, and to protect the future of assets such as pubs, post offices, and other community assets in their localities.

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