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Policy works: does form follow function?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about form and function in local government. For communications, for engagement, for policy. Hopefully you’ve seen news of our new policy network.  We want to know what makes a great policy team tick.  Where …

Cities economic growth, enhanced devolution, and relationships with London

Both the economic data and the national policy context makes an understanding of ‘cities’ in general, and London in particular, crucial for local authorities and partners involved in promoting economic growth and development.
This briefing reviews a number of recent developments which either reveal new insights into the data (e.g. the annual Cities Outlook publication by Centre for Cities) or into the potential future policy context (e.g. the RSA Cities Growth Commission).
Whilst not intended to be a comprehensive audit of all such publications, it is intended to give Members and Policy Officers responsible for economic growth directly and for enabling activity (e.g. skills, transport, planning etc.,) an informed overview of current issues and opportunities.
It is also intended to raise a number of medium term policy issues for both major urban areas and rural hinterlands. These are likely to be key considerations in the lobbying and advocacy work for enhanced devolution and decentralisation which is already underway in anticipation of the 2015 general election and a new incoming government.

In hock: the personal debt summit

When I was at university I had a flamboyant economics professor who told us only the rich  can truly save, the rest of us just create cushions against hard times.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but in today’s economy …

What does the Autumn Statement 2013 spell for local government?


This is a statement which recognises that growth begins on our local high streets. Business rates will be discounted for SMEs and payments scheduled over 12 months. In welcome news for finance directors across the land HM Treasury has pledged …

LGiU live coverage of the Local Elections 2013


The LGiU and our guest contributors will be live blogging during the 2013 Local Elections on 2 May and throughout the counts the next day.

Local Government Finance Settlement 2013/14


The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, announced the Local Government Finance Settlement Consultation 2013/2014 to the House of Commons on Wednesday 19 December. Find out more here.

Little seasonal good cheer from Osborne

The chancellor gave local government a slight breathing space on funding cuts in his Autumn Statement. But there are very few reasons to celebrate. This article was written by Jonathan Carr-West, Director of LGiU, and was first published by Public Finance on December 5th 2012.

C’llr Awards 2013: The Community Champion of the Year Award

cllr-awards (carousel)

Unlike many Award ceremonies, the LGiU & CCLA C’llr Achievement Awards encourage members of the public to come forward and participate in the nomination process. We want to hear what the ordinary person thinks of their councillor and who they …

How local authorities can reduce emissions and manage climate risk: Committee on Climate Change report

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is an independent government advisory committee and it was asked by Greg Barker, the Energy Minister, to issue advice to local authorities on how they can be incentivised to show leadership, and what scale of ambition they should set themselves.

* The CCC report summarises the national context of carbon budgets, before outlining the quantity of emissions local authorities could potentially reduce via policy levers under their influence. It details measures that can be taken by local authorities, by sector (focusing on buildings, transport and waste), and recommends all local authorities produce carbon plans, and for the government to consider a new statutory duty for them to do so.

* The report is useful for all staff and elected representatives working in local authorities who have some degree of control over the way in which climate change is approached in their department or office. The report can be read in conjunction with a second LGiU briefing entitled “Requirements on Local Authorities: household energy efficiency”, which outlines local government responsibilities to deliver a report to national government by March 2013 detailing measures to improve household energy efficiency.

Predicting the 50 councils to watch: how Andy’s predictions are playing out

Derby:  A key battleground for all three main parties, the Conservatives (16 seats) and Lib Dems (12 seats) run the council in coalition but Labour is the largest party (22 seats). Labour will be targetting gains of 4 seats to …