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Evidence for change

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Does local government use evidence well enough to assess whether our policies and practice can meet the challenges ahead?

Chicken or Egg? Devolution, spending cuts and public service reform


In the run up to the general election, local government needs to make sure the messages on devolution, reform and finance are loud and clear.

Building: A role for local government?


As LGiU is embarking on a new project to help local authorities build more houses, our attention was drawn to this BBC piece from last week, which asks why it has been so hard to build. The article cites a …

The future of libraries


A new report has launched on the future of libraries. A new beginning or another dusty old tome?

Going for growth: The CCLA Local Growth Achievement Award


In straitened economic times local government can provide a vital boost to economic prosperity for hard hit communities. Many councillors work tirelessly with local people, businesses, and the rest of the public sector, tapping into whatever resources are available, in …

Key to Care: Media Coverage

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Last week the LGiU published Key to Care: Report of the Burstow Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce. The media coverage was fantastic. Recognition of the problem facing people needing care and those delivering it is the …

Viewpoint Paul Burstow, MP: Crisis funding of care and the NHS


The extra £2 billion for health care services announced in the Autumn Statement last week is fantastic news. It is testament to Norman Lamb’s effective and high profile campaigning for urgent funding for the NHS, as well as the hard …

Viewpoint: Clare Pelham – A fairer deal for home care workers


Good care is about valuing people; both those receiving care and those providing it.  Care workers are our greatest asset at a time when more of us need care either in later life or due to disability. Our staff are …

Viewpoint: Valuing care workers as professionals, Alan Long of Mears

England, UK . 2.12. 2014. London . LGiU. Launch of Key to Care report.

Alan Long says we cannot continue to undervalue our home care workers.

Key to Care: Report of the Burstow Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce

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Home care is in crisis. Read Key to Care: Report of the Burstow Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce.