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Behaviour change: policy in practice briefing

This briefing reviews the development of behavioural science and behaviour change in public policy. It highlights the work of the Cabinet Office ‘Nudge Unit’ and the Government’s continued commitment to the approach.

The briefing aims to stimulate debate within individual councils and departments around the potential for behavioural science-inspired techniques in local democracy, policy making and services.

Beyond Metrocentralisation


This week the RSA published “Unleashing Metro Growth: Final Recommendations of the City Growth Commission”. The report calls for the “reconfiguration of our political economy, with city regions at its heart”. It argues that we need a shift in decision-making …

Party conference roundup


The devolution question following the Scottish referendum was debated widely at each conference, particularly in the fringes, and the fallout from the Scottish referendum for local areas is still a hot topic among localists and some political commentators.

Localism in a hung parliament


A hung parliament next May is looking like a very likely prospect. But while coalition negotiations leave everything hanging in the balance, the practice of governing where it really counts will carry on.   135 days after their last national …

Democracy-max: council leaders say yes to devolution


England and Wales should have the same devolved powers as Scotland and that power should be held locally.

Local elections: the facts

election grapho

Local elections on 22 May – who has the most to lose or gain?

A White Paper on Social Media in Local Government

A White Paper on Social Media in Local Government considers what holds back senior council managers and staff from using social media more extensively, and looks at how West Midlands councils have used them to connect with the public, and “open up traditional public sector silos”.

Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration

* The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill introduces a register of lobbyists, limits election campaign spending by third parties and regulates trade union membership
* This briefing summarises the Bill’s key provisions, its critics’ main concerns and its progress through Parliament.
* The Bill has implications for local (and national) politicians, political parties and campaign groups, for local returning officers and for trade unions.

Preparing the public for individual electoral registration

In recent weeks Electoral Registration Officers have been overwhelmed with regulations, guidance and advice in the lead-up to Individual Voter Registration. This briefing concentrates on preparing the public for the change. It is intended to familiarise elected members, and officers with corporate community and communications responsibilities, with the broad framework.

Connected Localism


Connected Localism, a new collection of essays published by LGiU today argues for radical public service transformation through networks of local innovation.