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New DCLG line-up


October’s ministerial reshuffle means a new line-up for DCLG. Mark Prisk MP has been removed as Minister of State for Housing and the Rt Hon Don Foster MP leaves his post as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities …

Calling government to account: a perspective on the CLG Select Committee

This briefing reviews the work of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee in the current UK parliament. It considers what to expect of a select committee – its role and remit – and what scope it has for influence. Information is provided on recent reports and current inquiries.The briefing is of interest to all concerned with the implementation of localism, and it draws attention to reports and inquiries on planning, housing, welfare reform, regional policy, the mutual and co-operative provision of services, and the role of councillors

Local authorities and economic development in 2013 – can local dynamism counter a national low growth economy?

The global economic outlook is uncertain. National forecasts show a continuation of a lengthy period of low growth (at best). The need for local authorities (LAs) to contribute to and lead local growth has, arguably, never been greater.
Doing this effectively requires LAs to understand, plan and manage both their local economy, and the major changes the coalition government has made to the sub-national economic development landscape since 2010.
During the latter half of 2012, LGIU produced a number of briefings on key aspects of this changed landscape – LEPs, city deals, autumn statement etc. This briefing builds on these to provide a checklist of considerations for LAs in terms of economic development as we enter 2013.
Understanding the local economy, a vision and strategy for the future, strategic relationship management, capacity and capability to intervene effectively, and engaging with national and EU opportunities are each examined as key components of a local approach. Pulling these together in a ‘city deal’ or an economic chapter of a ‘whole place community budget’ is a major undertaking, but can arguably provide a coherent foundation for 2013 efforts and energies.
This briefing will be of particular interest to LA leadership and policy teams with economic responsibilities, their partners especially in LEPs (local enterprise partnerships), and to economic development and related professional teams.
This briefing is also part of a series where we are looking back and looking ahead at key issues – health and social care and planning briefings will be published shortly.

Local Government Finance Settlement 2013/14


The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, announced the Local Government Finance Settlement Consultation 2013/2014 to the House of Commons on Wednesday 19 December. Find out more here.

From Brussels, with Love


The Communities and Local Government Select Committee concluded in its report on regeneration last November that the Government has “no adequate strategy to address the complex problems faced by England’s most deprived communities” and concludes in its report on the …

Whole Area and Neighbourhood Community Budgets – emerging issues and opportunities

This briefing on Whole Area and Community Budgets:
- describes the genesis of the community budget pilots,
- reviews the progress to date
- considers a number of major themes that are emerging from this work that will have huge significance for the future of local government as we approach the next spending review (expected 2015), almost regardless of the outcome of the specific pilots.
This briefing will be of interest to senior politicians, officials and our partners across the local government ‘family’, as well as specifically for policy officers involved in troubled families, partnership and neighbourhood working/collaborations. It is intended to revisit this issue with an additional briefing when the four whole area pilot business cases are released (expected October 31st), and in the aftermath of any Government response in the Autumn Statement (expected December 6th).

The new DCLG line-up

As Dan Drillsma-Milgrom reported for the LGC ”David Cameron’s first wide-ranging ministerial reshuffle has seen local government left with a substantially changed ministerial team at the Department for Communities & Local Government”. Here’s the new team and their responsibilites: Secretary of …

Civil Society Innovation Network – session 4

In this final meeting of the Network wanted to look beyond the immediate term, to consider the long term challenges that local government will face. In particular, the Network discussed with Andrew Stunell MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, what …

Creating the conditions for integration

The Government has published its approach to achieving a more integrated society and enabling everyone to live and work successfully alongside each other.  It rejects a “Whitehall-dictated approach” of nationally defined programmes focussed on specific groups in favour of one …

Civil Society Innovation Network: session 3

  The third session of the LGiU’s Civil Society Innovation Network took place on 23 February, at the Department for Communities and Local Government, to discuss the challenges and implications of the Localism Act. The Network heard from:   DCLG discussed …