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C’llr Awards 2013: CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance

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The CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance seeks to celebrate and reward councillors for delivering value for money and better outcomes for local people. In the current context this is more important than ever. With a 50 year …

2013 C’llr Awards: Deadline extended to Friday 18th January!


We have now extended the deadline of the LGiU and CCLA C’llr Awards to Friday 18th January. There are 11 awards up for grabs including a £10,000 scholarship for a councillor keen to fund a project to advance the cause of localism.

C’llr Awards 2013: Judges’ Special Award for Contribution to Local Government

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Political achievements need not always represent a momentous turn of events. Not every political victory is a landslide election or a transformative legislative development. Sometimes, political progress is far subtler than this; incremental rather instant. The Judges’ Special Award goes …

C’llr Awards 2013: Sustainability Champion of the Year


  Many people focus on the importance of addressing climate change and sustainability on the global stage. However, severe flooding and storms in parts of the UK this week highlight how significant it is to also tackle environmental concerns at …

C’llr Awards 2013: Young Councillor of the Year Award

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There has never been a more important time for young people to have a say in shaping today’s society. Young people today face a variety of challenges – increasing tuition fees, difficulty getting onto the housing ladder and high levels …

C’llr Awards 2013: The Community Champion of the Year Award

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Unlike many Award ceremonies, the LGiU & CCLA C’llr Achievement Awards encourage members of the public to come forward and participate in the nomination process. We want to hear what the ordinary person thinks of their councillor and who they …

C’llr Awards 2013: The Bruce-Lockhart Member Scholarship

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As part of the C’llr Awards, we have a £10,000 scholarship up for grabs for a councillor keen to fund a project that will advance the cause of localism and government at a local level.

C’llr Awards Deadline Tomorrow: Only time to nominate 104 more councillors…

The deadline for nominations for the 2012 C’llr Achievement Awards is fast-approaching, but there is still time to put in an entry. The following 11 different awards will be up for grabs at the 2012 ceremony: Age UK Pride of …

C’llr Awards 2012: CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance

“He is a powerful figure and his control of money is absolute” –          C’llr Magazine on Councillor Maurice Heaster, winner of the CCLA Award, 2011 CCLA co-sponsor the C’llr Awards as a whole, but they also support a specific award …

C’llr Awards 2012: Community Champion of the Year

In addition to recognising and rewarding the great work of councillors, the C’llr Awards provide a unique opportunity for the voices of ordinary people to be heard. This is because, unlike many other awards, the LGiU and CCLA encourage members …