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Key to Care: Report of the Burstow Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce

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Good home care is key to helping vulnerable people live independently and vital to helping the NHS and councils avoid expensive hospital admission or residential care.  A valued, well-paid, well-trained work force is essential to good care. This report outlines why we don’t have that now and what we can do to get it.

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Author: Ingrid Koehler



Collaborating for Better Outcomes: Final report of the Children’s Services Taskforce 

2014-12-18_1440LGiU worked in partnership with the Children’s Services
Development Group (CSDG) to establish a children’s services taskforce exploring how the commissioning and delivery of services can be improved to achieve better outcomes for looked after children and young people with complex needs. The work focused on understanding the latest thinking and current trends within the sector, and developing an evidence base highlighting innovative work that is being implemented to deliver specialist, needs-focused care and support for vulnerable young people.

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Localism and New Communities

2014-12-12_1046Localism and New Communities is the final report of by Shona Johnstone, first winner of the Bruce-Lockhart Memorial Scholarship.

The report explores how councillors can provide leadership when building new homes and creating new communities. It contains innovative and practical recommendations to help them do so.

The Bruce-Lockhart Member Scholarship, supported by Kent, Essex and East Sussex councils, funds a project that will advance the cause of localism and government at a local level within the UK.

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Managing floods: Supporting local partnerships

Floods Cover


An effective response to flooding will require close partnerships between the public and private sector, but it will also rely on engagement with citizens and at all levels of government. The report brings together case studies of Greater Manchester, Kent County Council, and the Oxford Flood Partnership, which demonstrate a range of approaches to this challenge.

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Authors: Andrew Walker and Andy Johnston


Evaluation of the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy

The Commissioning Academy was set up by the Cabinet Office in 2012 to bring together
leading figures from local and central government, as well as other public sector
organisations, to learn about new approaches to commissioning and drive innovation
across the public sector. LGiU was commissioned by the Cabinet Office to assess the impact of the programme so far. We surveyed and interviewed alumni from the pilot and wave 1 of the Academy.

Read the report here.



Technology and transformation in town halls

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 09.43.43LGiU has worked in partnership with Hewlett-Packard to look at the opportunities and challenges presented to local authorities by new technology. The report claims that we need to stop thinking about technology as a solution in itself. Rather, we need to think about how we can use technology to support and shape the neighbourhoods we want to live in. The report sets out a framework as to how we might achieve this.

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Author: Jonathan Carr-West and Lizzie Greenhalgh



Public Houses: How councils and communities can save pubs

Public-Houses-211x300LGiU has worked in partnership with CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) to understand and support councils taking action to protect community pubs. The report argues that local authorities have the powers to prevent pubs being redeveloped.

Based on a series of interviews with councillors and officers, as well as a survey conducted by CAMRA on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group, the report outlines a range of approaches and case studies to support proactive councils.

Download the full report here.

Author: Andrew Walker



People-shaped places: how Lambeth let residents redesign the neighbourhood

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 17.01.42LGiU has carried out an evaluation of Lambeth’s new approach to improving the local neighbourhood. Instead of asking residents  “do you support this proposal”, Lambeth wanted to ask residents “what would you like to see in this area?”. The publication explores both the challenges and opportunities of this approach by considering three local projects: the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme, Van Gogh Walk and the Loughborough Junction Plan.

The evaluation draws together some broad, practical tips for councils similarly interested in placing a community engagement programme at the centre of council delivery.

Download the full report here.

Authors: Jonathan Carr-West and Lizzie Greenhalgh



Municipal Futures

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.25.59LGiU has published a new collection of short essays on the future of local government. The collection, written by LGiU staff, is an attempt to move beyond debates about technical solutions to problems and to ask more fundamental questions about what local government means in the 21st century. We consider councils as sites of power, learning, relationships, and as part of global networks.

These are not intended as the final word, but as the start of a conversation. We are very keen that you get in touch to tell us what you think. A further edition, which incorporates responses and critiques, will be published later in the year. More…

Download the full report here

Authors: Jonathan Carr-West, Lizzie Greenhalgh, Ingrid Koehler, Josephine Suherman and Andrew Walker



Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 14.37.29Commissioning in Adult Social Care: The LGiU and Mears Thought Leader Series – A Summary

From May 2013 – February 2014 LGiU worked in partnership with social care provider Mears to deliver a series of roundtables for our Adult Social Care Thought Leader Series. The series followed on from our report published October 2012, “Outcomes Matter: effective commissioning in domiciliary care”and an associated series of regional roundtables. This publication brings together in one place the notes from the series.  More…

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Authors: Lauren Lucas and Josephine Suherman; Date published: 8 April 2014



Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 14.20.34Councils in the Driving Seat? Local authorities and traffic enforcement

LGiU and SEA have worked together on this state-of-the-nation look at local authorities and traffic enforcement. Our research shows that councils take their responsibility to deliver appropriate, local strategies which protect the law-abiding majority seriously. Councils have come in for criticism that their strategies are cynical and revenue-raising, but our research in fact finds that over 80% of councils reported either breaking even or losing money on enforcement. Moreover, the research finds that the negative rhetoric from DCLG is impeding local authorities’ ability to deliver on their statutory duties around traffic enforcement. More…

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Authors: Jonathan Carr-West and Josephine Suherman



Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.35.58

The Future Town Hall: How will local government be different 30 years from now?

This collection of ideas marks the 30th anniversary of LGiU. With contributions from Sir Merrick Cockell, Rt Hon. David Blunkett MP, Cllr Ruth Dombey, Chris Horlick, Caroline Abrahams and Richard Puleston. More…

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Strong Foundations: Building better dialogue between tenants and landlords

This is the final report of an LGiU project, supported by the Mears Group, which looked at how social landlords are engaging with their tenants on the ground. The project surveyed and interviewed registered social landlords, ALMOs and retained stock authorities and the findings are presented in this report. More…

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Authors: Lauren Lucas and Andrew Walker; Date published: 20 November 2013





Planning-problem-or-solutionPlanning – Problem or Solution

This is a collection of essays offering views and suggestions from key commentators on the planning system. It was collated by the LGiU, with support from the Federation of Master Builders, for the Liberal Democrats’ CLG Parliamentary Committee. More…

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Date published: 13 November 2013






Tracking preventative spendTracking your preventative spend: a step-by-step guide

The LGiU with the support of Mears and The British Red Crossed worked with Camden Council to pilot a new approach to mapping preventative budgets against one of the council’s key outcomes from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework: to keep older people living independently for longer. This guide sets out the five steps to mapping and analysing spend; it covers the practical steps taken, and the outputs and challenges of each step. More…

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Author: Laura Wilkes, Lauren Lucas and Josephine Suherman; Date published: 16 October 2013




Standing-Room-OnlyStanding Room Only: have we enough school places?

This is the latest in a series of reports from the LGiU and the NUT based on research carried out over the last three years into the impact of changes to the education system which mean that more than half of secondary schools are now academies or free schools. This latest report looks specifically at the effects on school place planning. More…

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Authors: Jonathan Carr-West, Laurie Thraves, John Fowler; Date published: 17 September 2013




House-ProudHouse Proud: how councils can raise standards in the private rented sector

This report produced with the Electrical Safety Council looks at how local authorities are engaging with the private rented sector, an increasingly important part of the housing market in England and Wales, and how they can work to improve standards in the sector. More…

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Authors: Lauren Lucas, Josephine Suherman, Andrew Walker; Date published: 12 September 2013




Independent-ageing-2013Independent Ageing: council support for care self-funders

This report updates with new research our 2011 report Independent Ageing. It provides an updated picture of council support for self-funders of care and recommendations for spreading best practice and reducing the numbers of self-funders who fall back on state support. More…

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Authors: Jonathan Carr-West and Laurie Thraves; Date published: 15 July 2013






Connected-localismConnected Localism

This collection of essays looks at how a localised, yet connected approach to public service innovation can help us meet complex social and political challenges. It offers a blueprint for better public services and more powerful communities. More…

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Authors: Jonathan Carr-West; Patrick Diamond; Anthony Zacharzewski; Sophia Parker; Richard V Reeves; Date published: 19 June 2013





LGO-reportThe LGO and the Future Direction of Local Accountability: and LGiU inquiry

The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) is currently developing the future strategy for how they use their information to better inform local accountability. To aid this process, the LGiU carried out a consultation of the local government sector to find out how a better understanding of issues giving rise to complaints in local government can be harnessed to benefit public policy and service improvement. More…

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Authors: Lauren Lucas and Lizzie Greenhalgh; Date published: 12 June 2013





The Big LunchThe Big Lunch: Feeding Community Spirit

LGiU has been assessing the social impact of The Big Lunch every year since it launched in 2009. This report looks back over the past four Big Lunches, summarises our findings and presents the case for why we think The Big Lunch is important for a wide range of public policy goals. More…

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Author: Laura Wilkes and Jonathan Carr-West; Date published: 18 April 2013




Localism-at-RiskLocalism at Risk: Is the NPPF delivering planning for people?

This report from the LGiU, in association with the National Trust, is based on new LGiU research which looks at what impact local government politicians and officials think that the National Planning Policy Framework is having on their ability to deliver a Local Plan that reflects local needs and priorities. More…

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Author: Laurie Thraves; Date published: 27 March





small_dose_of_localismA Dose of Localism: The Role of Councils in Public Health

This report, published with Westminster City Council, examines the role of councils in promoting public health and highlights the need for councils to incentivise people to exercise. More…

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Author: Laurie Thraves; Date published: 3rd January 2013






A Good Death: the role of the local authority in end of life care

This report from the LGiU, supported by Home Group looks at the role of local authorities in end of life care and how councils can develop their part in this important service provision. More…

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Author: Lauren Lucas; Date published:  30 November 2012





Outcomes Matter: effective commissioning in domiciliary care

With growing pressure on adult social care resources, the goal of promoting efficient, outcome-focused services has never been more important. Outcomes Matter, an LGiU report supported by homecare provider Mears, examines the issue. More…

Authors: Lauren Lucas and Jonathan Carr-West; Publication date: 24 October 2012





Should we shed the middle tier?

This report, based on LGiU research conducted in partnership with the NUT and Unison,  looks at the future of education governance in light of the fact that more than half of secondary schools are now academies or free schools: independent of local authorities and accountable to the Secretary of State. More

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Authors: Laurie Thraves, John Fowler, Jonathan Carr-West; Publication Date: 25 September 2012




Public notices. The case for radical reform: part 1

This report looks at the current system that requires councils to publish public notices in local newspapers – at an annual cost of up to £67.85m. More.

Download as a PDF

Author: Rob Dale; Publication Date: 11 September 2012






The 2011 Summer Riots: one year on

This report draws on research carried out by LGiU to examine the local government response to the summer riots of 2011, and gives a snapshot of how prepared local authorities are to respond to future riots. More.

Download as a PDF

Author: Laura Wilkes; Publication Date: 06 August 2012





Care Now and for the Future

This is the final report of an inquiry carried out by the cross-party All Party Parliamentary Local Government Group. The inquiry looked at the future of adult social care and the report makes four key recommendations on what can be done between now and 2015 to reform the care system and meet current funding challenges. More.

Download as a PDF

Authors: Laurie Thraves, Janet Sillett, Jonathan Carr-West, Andy Sawford; Date published: 16 July 2012




Future Service Partnerships

This report from the LGiU, with support from John Laing, draws on new research carried out by the LGiU to examine current local authority partnership arrangements, identify barriers to community investment at a local level and highlight innovative examples of current partnership working. More

To access the local authority case studies highlighted in the report, please click here.

Download as PDF

Authors: Lauren Lucas and Jonathan Carr-West; Publication date: 27/06/12 
Making Social Care Personal and Local: moving from mass production to co-production

This joint publication from Governance International and the LGiU brings together contributors from councils, health and social care providers, the voluntary sector and universities. More


Editors: Elke Loeffler, David Taylor-Gooby, Tony Bovaird, Frankie Hine-Hughes, Laura Wilkes; Publication Date: 25/06/12





Primary Justice Reloaded: a model for localised probation services

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is consulting on plans to reform the Probation Service and community sentencing. These proposals are contained in two consultations: Punishment and Reform: Effective Probation Services and Punishment and Reform: Effective Community Services. This paper from the LGiU, in association from Unison, is divided into four sections: the first explores why the Government is proposing reform; the second summarises the two consultations and explains what the plans are; the third considers the issues these reforms raise; the fourth examines the case for an expanded role for local authorities focusing on investments in primary justice.


Author: Glyn Gaskarth; Date: 11/06/12




In It Together: In Practice

In It Together: In Practice is the culmination of an extended piece of joint research by the LGiU and the Children’s Services Development Group (CSDG) – gathering senior representatives from local government and service providers together. The report is the third in CSDG’s In It Together series, which has sought to demonstrate how strategic partnership working and excellence in commissioning can deliver the best outcomes for children with complex needs, at the best price.


Authors: Simon Derby and Gemma Stockwood (Children’s Services Development Group); Publication date: 01/03/12



Promoting Independence: the future of housing related support

The reduction of the Supporting People grant and the removal of the ring-fence mean that the future of housing related support is now in question in some areas of the country. This report draws together previous studies on the social and financial outcomes of the Supporting People programme and new LGiU research. More


Authors: Lauren Lucas and Jonathan Carr-West; Publication Date: 26/11/11





Risk and Reward: local government and risk in the new public realm

There has never been a greater need for innovation in local government service delivery. This involves working in partnership with other organisations and community groups to maintain the public services that people expect. This report from the LGiU, supported by Zurich Municipal, draws on original research to look at councils’ preparedness for working in this way. It recommends councils to adopt an eight-point risk manifesto for a more flexible approach to risk in order to maximise the potential involvement of community groups and other in delivering services. More


Authors: Lauren Lucas, Laurie Thraves and Jonathan Carr-West; Date published: 12/10/11




Going where the eyeballs are: how email is connecting councils with their communities

LGiU research, with the support of Govdelivery, attempts in this report to give shape to what the use of digital technology to communicate with people means in practice for government. The report makes recommendations on how authorities can assess the ‘digital ecology’ of their communities they serve in order to construct the most effective digital communications strategies. More


Authors: Rob Dale and Jonathan Carr-West; Publication date: 12/10/11




local-gov-and-schoolsThe Future of Local Government’s Role in the School System

In partnership with the NUT and Unison, the LGiU conducted a survey of 80 local government children’s services leaders, focusing on the future of local government’s role in the changing education system. More…

Download PDF

Authors: Laurie Thraves and John Fowler; Date published: 21/09/11





Local Authorities, Big Society and Adaptation to Climate Change

This is the final report of a project that looked at existing toolkits to support community involvement in, and ownership of, local adaptation and how these tools can help build a strategy or plan to take forward big society work in promoting adaptation to climate change. More


Authors: Dr Andy Johnston and Laura Wilkes; Date published: 05/09/11





The 10 Pillars of Local Energy Security

Successfully delivering safe, secure low-carbon energy will be one of the main challenges facing public sector organisations in the next decade. The choices are bewildering and the stakes very high. In response to this challenge the LGiU has published this guide to help local authorities and other public sector organisations to navigate their way through the policy choices and financial considerations. The result is a set of key factors: The 10 Pillars of Local Energy Security.


Author: Dr Andy Johnston; Date published: 20/07/11




Honouring the Armed Service Community

This report, supported by the Royal British Legion, draws on research carried out by the LGiU which looked at how local authorities provide for armed service communities living in their areas. It highlights best practice and makes a series of recommendations that local authorities could adopt in order to improve access to public services for veterans, Armed Forces and their dependants.


Author: Glyn Gaskarth; Publication date: 02/03/11




Independent Ageing: council support for care self-funders

This LGiU report, produced in association with Partnership, draws on original research to look at the cost to local councils of those who begin by funding their own care but fall back on state funding.  It makes recommendations and highlights current innovative practice to help support those self-funders. More


Authors: Laurie Thraves and Jonathan Carr-West; Publication Date: 01/03/11






All’s Well That Ends Well? Local government leading on health improvement

The LGiU was commissioned by the Department of Health to carry out an independent study of the role of local government in supporting health improvement and tackling health inequalities, and to analyse the structure of support needed locally to deliver effective action for communities. More


Author: Janet Sillett; Date published: 01/11/10





People Places Power: how localism and strategic planning can work together

This discussion pamphlet explores how localism and strategic planning can work together. We know the future of local government over the next few years will be shaped by two forces: a drive towards localism and the need to achieve efficiencies and cut spending in a challenging financial context. In this pamphlet, LGiU argues that if we are to prevent these drivers from pulling us in opposing directions we will need a fundamental shift in the way we think about local service delivery and the relationship between people, places and power.


Author: Jonathan Carr-West; Date published: 07/07/10





Paying for It: the future of local government finance

This collection of essays, published by the LGiU and sponsored by ACCA, tackles one of the thorniest issues in public service – how to fund local government. These essays put forward ideas, questions and areas for discussion that should frame any review of how local government is financed. More


Editors: Laura Wilkes and Jonathan Carr-West; Date published: 01/07/10




Natural-leadersNatural Leaders: actions for local environmental leadership

This guide, supported by Natural England, aims to present the first principles for local environmental leadership through a series of chapters that provide ideas and success stories from councils across England. More…

Download PDF

Authors: Gemma Bradshaw and Joyce Lee; Published date: 1 July 2010






Local Work: empowering local government to tackle worklessness

In this discussion document, the arguments for a radical and rapid devolution to local government of resources and responsibilities for tackling worklessness are set out. The many reasons why local government is ideally placed to tackle this country’s problems of entrenched worklessness are dealt with, but a key element of the argument concerns the proposed financing mechanism. More


Author: Andrew Jones; Date published: 25/03/10





This paper calls for a new settlement between communities, local government, national government and its agencies to improve the stewardship of local natural resources, which the LGiU has named ‘Local SONAR’. This paper suggests that the best place to address sustainability challenges is where the environmental, social and economic come together naturally – people and places. Only at the local level can the complex and unique interdependencies of individual communities be properly understood and local government is central to delivery as it is the main body with the necessary wide remit and direct accountability. More


Author: Dr Andy Johnston; Date published: 22/03/10



Walk-this-wayWalk this way: recognising value in active health prevention

Health and wellbeing is a primary concern of local services; Natural England and LGiU formed a partnership to investigate the value of walking as an important part of a package of locally driven preventative measures. This is the report of that inquiry. More…

Download PDF

Authors: Christine Heron and Gemma Bradshaw; Date published: 1 March 2010






Once and For All: funding the improvement gap in existing council housing

This report was written by the LGiU for the London Borough of Southwark. It suggests proposals for dealing with the shortfall in council house funding and raising money needed to bring housing stock up to scratch without simply asking central government for more money. More


Author: Amelia Walker; Date: 20/01/10





Room to Move

The LGiU was commissioned by Westminster Council to carry out research in to the growing problem of overcrowding and look at possible long-term solutions. Room to Move is the report of that research.

The report recommends an an overhaul of current legislation to bring about fundamental changes to local government finance and to loosen the constraints on councils, enabling them to build more social housing and tackle the complex conditions that lead to overcrowding.


Authors: Janet Sillett and Amelia Walker; Date: 07/09/09




Primary Justice: an inquiry into justice in communities

This is the final report of the All Party Parliamentary Local Government Group’s 2009 inquiry into justice in communities.

The panel of inquiry was chaired by Labour’s Clive Betts MP, with the Conservative and Lib Dem Home Office frontbenchers David Burrowes MP and David Howarth MP, along with Baroness Stern, a world expert in criminal justice, and Baroness Henig, President of the Association of Police Authorities.  In a series of evidence-taking sessions the panel heard from experts, including Jonathan Aitken, Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, Louise Casey, Lord Ramsbotham and Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon. More


Authors: Glyn Gaskarth, Amelia Walker with contributions from Shema Begum; Date: 20/07/09





Local Government 3.0: how councils can respond to the new web agenda

This paper from the LGiU dicusses how councils can use new web technologies to inform all of their interactions with communities. Four essays look at: a short history of government and the internet; how the internet is transforming public services; the internet and local sustainability; how can social networking sites help engage young people in democratic renewal?


Authors: Jonathan Carr-West, Dr Andy Johnston, Janet Sillett, Jasmine Ali, Amelia Walker; Publication date: 01/07/09

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Project resilience

Project resilience is intended to stimulate a debate about resilience in the 21st century that puts local democracy at the heart of the concept.


Devolution: a road map

This road map from the LGiU outlines how political devolution to English local government can be achieved as a means of strengthening local economies and improving public services.


The state of care in counties

This is the final report of the inquiry by the County APPG that looked at health and social care integration. The report was produced by the LGiU and the County Councils Network (CCN).


Localism and New Communities

The report explores how councillors can provide leadership when building new homes and creating new communities. It contains innovative and practical recommendations to help them do so.

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