Policy theme: Services

Public services are under increasing strain. Shrinking resources and rising demand for services such as adult social care have placed huge pressure on councils’ ability to deliver their statutory and other functions. At the same time, there has never been a greater need for innovation.

In this programme we will seek practical solutions and new ideas for addressing the challenges councils face on a daily basis in delivering services to their communities.

  • How can we ensure more people have places to live?
  • How can we make sure that people who need care can get it affordably?
  • What’s next for digital local government?
  • How do we support and strengthen civic infrastructure?

Upcoming Projects

How we can work with you:

From brokerage to facilitation, thought leadership to service design, we can work with you to shape the future of public services. Find out more about what we do. 

Previous work

Small is Beautiful: delivering more homes through small sites

Achieving Outcomes Based Commissioning in Adult Social Care

Care and Continuity: Contingency Planning for Provider Failure

Flood Resilience: New Directions in recovery

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