Policy theme: Democracy

How can we strengthen local democracy?

Recent events have created a lively public debate around the future of democracy.

Many people feel completely disengaged from politics and disempowered by the operation of governments national and local. Meanwhile the future of devolution, which appeared to be underway in 2016, is now in question.

We are exploring how devolution, localism, open local government and better public engagement can help to re-engage communities with local democracy and why it matters.

Throughout 2017 we are investigating the following questions:

  • What next for devolution, localism and leadership?
  • How do we address violence in political discourse?
  • How can we make local democracy more representative?
  • How can citizens be empowered and connected with democratic structures

Upcoming Projects

Our key milestones for 2017 include:

  • The LGiU Devolution Network: a series of events between February and July 2017 focusing on the key questions of devolution and local government sovereignty. A paper, calling for more clarity and support around devolution to local government, will be published in the Autumn
  • Local Elections Coverage: the LGiU will cover the May local elections, including the first mayoral elections in Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Teeside. This will have a detailed focus on open local government
  • Conference on tackling hate crime
  • The Women in Local Government Commission: working with the Fawcett Society, LGiU established this cross-party commission, which has recently published its findings.

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