C’llr Achievement Awards: Mears Group’s Health and Care Award

The crisis in adult social care provision impacts every council, and each area has unique challenges. In their efforts to continue supporting their residents councillors have had to make some very difficult decisions and think creatively about how to deliver both health and care services in this challenging environment.

This award will celebrate councillors who have pioneered new ways of approaching health and care provision in order to support their residents to live healthy and fulfilling lives. This could include: taking a responsible approach to care commissioning; redesigning services around need and outcomes; working collaboratively with the NHS and CCGs; embedding health and care thinking across all council departments; or pursuing innovative projects to build community capacity.

The winner of this award will:

  • Demonstrate long-term commitment to supporting the health and care outcomes of residents
  • Champion innovative and responsible approaches to service design and delivery
  • Be receptive to the concerns and ideas put forward by their residents and tailor council policy to meet their needs

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This award is sponsored by Mears Group.

Mears is the UK’s leading social housing repairs and maintenance provider and a major presence in the domiciliary care market – bringing the highest standards of care to people and their homes. Partnering with clients, 20,000 Mears Group employees work in communities across the country – from inner city estates to remote rural villages.

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