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Forthcoming events

Throughout the year, we run an extensive and popular programme of events, including: training and key skills seminars; policy roundtables; publication launches; and party conference fringes. We run events at venues throughout the country and can also provide events and training tailored to a council’s own requirements.

If you’d like to speak to us about commissioning a bespoke event (including in-house training), give us a ring on 020 7554 2800 or find out more here.

You can also view free or discounted events from other organisations.

Building Communities

Community Engagement in the current climate Seminar

This is a down to earth seminar that will prompt frank debate and identify key issues facing frontline councillors. It will give participants plenty of opportunity to explore different approaches, which they can apply in their work as officers or local councillors.


Local Government and Human Rights: A practical introduction

Local government officials and workers engage with human rights every day, often in quite ordinary ways, and have a unique role in upholding human rights in the community. The Human Rights Act places a legal duty on those in local government to act compatibly with…

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Labour Party Conference: Making Devolution Work: Labour Local Government Innovation

LGiU and the LGA Labour Group will host a fringe event at Labour Party Conference. The panel discussion, Making Devolution Work: Labour Local Government Innovation, will focus on the devolution agenda and what it means for Labour local government.

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The Positive Side of Prevent: Bringing Communities together: Youth Radicalisation & Alienation

This workshop will focus on how we work together to develop community conversations across communities to develop a sense of cohesion that can be owned by all. It will look at some case studies of good practice, look at the role of social networking and…

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Conservative Party Conference: Beyond Cities: Answering the English Devolution Question

LGiU and Essex Conservatives are hosting a fringe event at Conservative Part conference. The panel discussion, Beyond Cities: Answering the English Devolution Question, will tackle the issues surrounding devolution in metropolitan areas.

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An Introduction to Local Government Finance: London

Council budgets look likely to be under significant pressure until the end of the decade. This seminar will look at the implications of these longer term trends as well as the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review for 2015/16 announced by the Chancellor in June.


Understanding Communities through Participatory Appraisal Seminar

Participatory Appraisal (PA) is a method of consultation, designed to be none threatening and offer a fun and alternative method of gathering both qualitative and quantitative results. PA, by its approach is suitable to use with all members of the community as it easily cuts…


Using Neighbourhood Agreements to build strong and active communities at a time of austerity

Description: A neighbourhood agreement is a ‘deal’ between ‘stakeholders’ in a defined neighbourhood in which each party makes commitments about how they will help improve the area. Usually this means an agreement between local residents and providers of local services and amenities. Agreements help to…

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LGiU Seminar: Developing new ideas for community education

This Seminar will look at some of the new ideas developing around community education and the pivotal role that local authorities can play in partnership with others. This partnership can be one with local communities, universities and colleges and the wider civil society. What we…