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Throughout the year, we run an extensive and popular programme of events, including: training and key skills seminars; policy roundtables; publication launches; and party conference fringes. We run events at venues throughout the country and can also provide events and training tailored to a council’s own requirements.

If you’d like to speak to us about commissioning a bespoke event (including in-house training), give us a ring on 020 7554 2800 or find out more here.

You can also view free or discounted events from other organisations.

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Engaging with your Community: working effectively with your council’s comms team and using social media

This course will help you consider the appropriate use of your council’s comms team as well as your personal approach to using traditional and social media, focusing on how you convey your message as well as listen to and engage with your residents. It will…


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Understanding communities through Participatory Appraisal

Participatory Appraisal (PA) is a method of consultation, designed to be none threatening and offer a fun and alternative method of gathering both qualitative and quantitative results. PA, by its approach is suitable to use with all members of the community as it easily cuts…


LGiU Seminar: Tackling inequalities: Issues and practical strategies for councils

The seminar is about: Fairness Commissions, Inclusive Economic Growth and Working with local communities to promote equality. Drawing on the experiences and the role of Fairness Commissions as part of broader alliances with civil society and local communities, and how local authorities can build on…

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An Introduction to Local Government Finance

Council budgets look likely to be under significant pressure until the end of the decade. This seminar will look at the implications of these longer term trends as well as the impact of the Autumn Statement announced by the Chancellor in November 2015.

personal safety

Seminar: Personal Safety for Councillors

This is an essential programme for Councillors who lone work as part of their role and who want to be more aware of their personal safety. In addition to exploring issues around personal safety, the programme will make participants more aware about the reasons why…

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Practical Skills for Community Engagement

Description:  Effective engagement with communities is now essential for local authorities. With reductions in budgets for services, many authorities are relying on communities to take action to solve problems and get involved in initiatives to tackle local needs. This seminar is a practical training in…

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Being an effective Councillor: ways of strengthening and sustaining personal resilience

Personal resilience is about maintaining a sense of wellbeing, being mentally strong, effectively meeting different demands and performing at one’s best on behalf of individuals, communities as well as being an effective leader. This is a very practical seminar that will provide each participant with…


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Using Neighbourhood Agreements to build resilient communities at a time of reduced spend

This is a very practical session demonstrating how Neighbourhood Agreements can help build strong and active communities at a time of shrinking budgets. A neighbourhood agreement is a ‘deal’ between ‘stakeholders’ in a defined neighbourhood in which each party makes commitments about how they will…

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