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Throughout the year, we run an extensive and popular programme of events, including: training and key skills seminars; policy roundtables; publication launches; and party conference fringes. We run events at venues throughout the country and can also provide events and training tailored to a council’s own requirements.

If you’d like to speak to us about commissioning a bespoke event (including in-house training), give us a ring on 020 7554 2800 or find out more here.

You can also view free or discounted events from other organisations.


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Being an effective Councillor: ways of strengthening and sustaining personal resilience

Personal resilience is about maintaining a sense of wellbeing, being mentally strong, effectively meeting different demands and performing at one’s best on behalf of individuals, communities as well as being an effective leader. This is a very practical seminar that will provide each participant with…


Women’s representation in local government – getting there

This is the second in the Local Government Commission meeting series. The Commission asks: does local government work for women? The meeting will explore the current landscape of women's representation in local government at councillor level.


Webinar: Combatting Extremism: Children & Young People

In this Webinar we will explore with Marisa De Jager how we can we better protect and support families where young people become victims of radicalisation? The Internet provides entertainment, connectivity and interaction. Children may need to spend a lot of time on the Internet…


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Working and supporting volunteers & community champions

Description Volunteering is both a great opportunity for the volunteer and an important way to show support and transparency in communities when embedding community projects. Reductions in public spending with fewer staff working in communities means that volunteering can provide an important community link and help work…


Webinar: Radicalisation & The Far Right

Join us in the final of three webinars where we look at “radicalisation” in the UK and the far right. Much attention has been given to “religious fundamentalism” that we sometimes forget that there is a growing example of hatred and provocation coming from the…

speed reading

Seminar: Speed Reading and Retention: Fast Reading Techniques & Memory Strategies for busy councillors

This is a highly interactive session that has been developed for councillors, who want to develop their skills in speed reading, and the ability to use memory techniques. It is a very practical programme which will demonstrate how to use different reading styles in order…

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LGiU Seminar: Understanding Strategic Thinking

Description The workshop is ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer team planning and strategy. Essentially this is about effective change management and creating a coherent…

social enterprise

Social Enterprise: Working In Partnership With Local Government

This Seminar will look specifically at the role of social enterprise in economic and service delivery at a local level as well as looking at innovative ways of working. It will look at the importance of “social value” in setting the framework for social enterprise…


Developing Commercial Awareness

This workshop is an interactive opportunity to develop your awareness and understanding, share experiences and opportunities and stimulate ideas and possibilities.

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