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Forthcoming events

Throughout the year, LGiU runs an extensive and popular programme of events, including policy roundtables, seminars, publication launches and party conference fringes.

Our influential events bring together key decision makers from both local and central government to gain practical insights into current policy debates.

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An Introduction to Local Government Finance: Corby

10 October 09:30 - 15:30

Council budgets look likely to be under significant pressure until the end of the decade. This seminar will look at the implications of these longer term trends as well as the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review for 2015/16 announced by the Chancellor in June.

Understanding Communities through Participatory Appraisal

13 October 09:30 - 15:30

Participatory Appraisal (PA) is a method of consultation, designed to be none threatening and offer a fun and alternative method of gathering both qualitative and quantitative results. This training day is very practical and hands on, teaching delegates to enjoy consulting.

Inside Local Government Funding: How it works and making the most of it

20 October 09:30 - 16:00

This seminar will look at pressures on council budgets and how this expenditure is funded. In particular, it will look at the rising proportion of funding that is raised from business rates and councils’ growing reliance on incentive/reward payments. It will also examine how the Settlement Funding Allocation is constructed and how it relates to other funding, such as New Homes Bonus, Council Tax Support and that for academies.

Being an effective Councillor: Influencing Skills

23 October 09:00 - 15:30

This seminar has been designed to develop knowledge, skill and understanding of the art and methods of influencing and persuading others in order to gain cooperation, support, and commitment. By the end of the seminar Councillors will have heightened awareness and increased ability in communicating and achieving successful outcomes while retaining the respect and trust of others.

Local Government, Fairness Commissions and Civil Society

27 October 09:30 - 16:00

This seminar looks at the steps local authorities can take to protect the most vulnerable in their communities, support the living standards of local people, and distribute the impacts of austerity and the proceeds of growth fairly. Giving a central role to Fairness Commissions as part of broader alliances with civil society and local communities, the focus is on how local authorities can build on and develop existing achievements now and beyond 2015.

Strengthening the role of Councils and Councillors in the Local School System: Norfolk

3 November 10:00 - 15:45

This seminar discusses practical ways in which local authorities and elected members (including District Councils in two tier areas) can strengthen their role in the local school system which is efficient school place planning; enhance the accountability of schools outside the maintained sector and meet new requirements around school performance. The seminar is a mix of briefings, case studies and workshops to encourage an exchange of ideas, experience and good practice.

Using Social Media for community engagement and community leadership

10 November 10:00 - 15:30

This course will look at the most popular methods of social media, which are best for your personal needs and the needs for your organisation as well as the risks and the solutions to keep you both safe in your work as well as up- to- date with your methods.

Community Engagement in the current climate

21 November 09:45 - 16:30

This is a down to earth seminar that will prompt frank debate and identify key issues facing frontline councillors. It will give participants plenty of opportunity to explore different approaches, which they can apply in their work as officers or local councillors.