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Throughout the year, we run an extensive and popular programme of events, including: training and key skills seminars; policy roundtables; publication launches; and party conference fringes. We run events at venues throughout the country and can also provide events and training tailored to a council’s own requirements.

If you’d like to speak to us about commissioning a bespoke event (including in-house training), give us a ring on 020 7554 2800 or find out more here.

You can also view free or discounted events from other organisations.


WEBINAR: Reducing Social Isolation in Old Age through Community Engagement

This Webinar will be presented by the author of that Briefing, Carol Grant and those attending will be invited online to discuss this with her and raise questions and comments about what can be done.


Developing Commercial Awareness

This workshop is an interactive opportunity to develop your awareness and understanding, share experiences and opportunities and stimulate ideas and possibilities.


WEBINAR: Combatting the mind set of Radicalisation in our modern age

Why are young people becoming radicalised in this way. This Webinar discusses this issue and is associated with a Seminar being put on by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) and GlobalNet21 in July.


SEMINAR: Reducing Social Isolation in Old Age through Community Engagement

In this Seminar we are going to look at Social Isolation as that can impact on well being and loneliness and consider what forms of engagement communities and local authorities can offer to address this growing problem. Social isolation is an objective state determined by…


SEMINAR: Moving On From Prevent: Radicalisation & Community Engagement

This seminar will focus on how we move from Prevent as a tool to counter security to one where we engage young people through dialogue and good practice. We will have some major speakers outlining the deficits in the Prevent Strategy and how these need…


Local Government and Human Rights: A practical introduction

Local government officials and workers engage with human rights every day, often in quite ordinary ways, and have a unique role in upholding human rights in the community. The Human Rights Act places a legal duty on those in local government to act compatibly with…

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LGiU REGIONAL SEMINAR: Community Engagement in the current climate: Leeds

This is a down to earth seminar that will prompt frank debate and identify key issues facing frontline councillors. It will give participants plenty of opportunity to explore different approaches, which they can apply in their work as officers or local councillors.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Working and supporting volunteers & community champions

Description Volunteering is both a great opportunity for the volunteer and an important way to show support and transparency in communities when embedding community projects. Reductions in public spending with fewer staff working in communities means that volunteering can provide an important community link and help work…


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SERIES: Understanding communities through Participatory Appraisal

Participatory Appraisal (PA) is a method of consultation, designed to be none threatening and offer a fun and alternative method of gathering both qualitative and quantitative results. PA, by its approach is suitable to use with all members of the community as it easily cuts…

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