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Beyond Metrocentralisation


This week the RSA published “Unleashing Metro Growth: Final Recommendations of the City Growth Commission”. The report calls for the “reconfiguration of our political economy, with city regions at its heart”. It argues that we need a shift in decision-making …

Party conference roundup


The devolution question following the Scottish referendum was debated widely at each conference, particularly in the fringes, and the fallout from the Scottish referendum for local areas is still a hot topic among localists and some political commentators.

Localism in a hung parliament


A hung parliament next May is looking like a very likely prospect. But while coalition negotiations leave everything hanging in the balance, the practice of governing where it really counts will carry on.   135 days after their last national …

Devo-max for England?


The Scottish independence referendum has created a debate around a more devolved UK regardless of the result

Viewpoint: A National Fairness Convention: learning from local authority initiatives to tackle poverty and inequality

Julia Slay is Senior Researcher and Social Policy Programme Co-ordinator at NEF (New Economics Foundation). She writes for LGiU about NEF’s upcoming National Fairness Convention on June 18th.

Local elections 2014: The 5 key questions


With local elections almost upon us it’s hard not to be drawn into speculation about the results. Rather than offering predictive hostages to fortune, however, we think it’s more helpful to try and draw out some of the key questions …

Local elections: the facts

election grapho

Local elections on 22 May – who has the most to lose or gain?

The future of local accountability: Local Government Ombudsman Dr Jane Martin responds to LGiU consultation on the future direction of the LGO


Today sees the publication of LGiU’s research into our role in supporting local accountability. I was delighted to see that there is clear and strong support for the work of the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and recognition that we have a positive influence on the provision of local public services (92% felt the public benefit from having LGO).

Take part in our survey on tenant engagement and welfare reform

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The LGiU is undertaking a piece of research into tenant engagement in the context of welfare reform. We would love to hear from retained stock authorities, ALMOs, housing associations and other housing management organisations about how they have engaged with tenants to make sure they are up to speed with welfare reform. We’re also interested in hearing more broadly about innovative approaches to tenant engagement going forward.

Local pubs and community value

The Ivy House

Viewpoint: The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)’s Claire Cain explains why they want more pubs to be listed as Assets of Community Value