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Election gogglebox: a review of the party political broadcasts

April 16, 2015 by Ingrid Koehler

While my colleagues had the pleasure of reading and digesting the manifestos, I got the enviable task of reviewing the party political broadcasts.I’ve tried to stay party and policy neutral and just concentrate on cinematographic and entertainment values of these vids.   And what a fine collection of videos it…

What do councils bring to the house building table?

April 15, 2015 by Andrew Walker

Although they have been out of the game for a generation councils are rising to the challenge and starting to build houses again. The policy barriers that prevent them from acting as freely as they would like are legion, but there are some really encouraging signs of creative dynamism across the country.…

Help us cover the local elections

April 8, 2015 by Ingrid Koehler

On 7 May, voters all over the country will tick the box next to the name of the person who will make decisions about their local parks, the education of their kids, how they get back and forth to work and the social care of their parents.  And there are general…

Liverpool: a positive case for Europe

April 8, 2015 by Chris Naylor

Positive comments about Europe are thin on the ground right now. So Chris Naylor found it a refreshing change to spend a day hearing how the EU has been crucial to one of the UK’s major cities, Liverpool, and its immediate surrounds.

Intermediary cities

April 2, 2015 by Chris Naylor

How can smaller cities be part of the devolution movement and indeed might they even find it easier to engage locally that some of the obvious urban powerhouses? Chris Naylor looks at some of the thinking to emerge from a recent cities conference.

Lessons from the Local

April 1, 2015 by Jonathan Carr-West

Jonathan Carr-West discusses lessons from local government in his article for Compass's report, 'Finding Our Voice: Making the 21st Century State.'

What to do when care fails

March 25, 2015 by Ingrid Koehler

People who need care need high quality and consistent care. But this doesn’t always happen. The providers who deliver the care sometimes fail. Maybe it’s a managerial failure or a market failure or some combination of factors. Whatever the cause, this leaves vulnerable people – sometimes suddenly – even more…

Osborne shows devolution is work in progress

March 20, 2015 by Jonathan Carr-West

The Budget announcements on greater powers for local authorities demonstrate that the Chancellor and the Treasury are serious about fiscal devolution, writes Jonathan Carr-West in a post that first appeared on Public Finance website.

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