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Viewpoint: Notwestminster 2016 – be part of a journey to redesign local democracy

November 24, 2015 by LGiU

We’re on the hunt for lovers of local democracy everywhere, writes Spencer Wilson of Kirklees Council and #Notwestminster – local government officers, councillors, local activists, voters, the disenfranchised, data geeks and innovators… anyone who wants to change the face of local democracy. Know anyone who fits the bill? Then spread…


Viewpoint: A bench mark for communities

November 18, 2015 by LGiU

We all know that it is often the small things that can make a difference. A new report from the Young Foundation suggests that the humble public bench can make a surprising difference to communities, as Radhika Bynon explains.


Viewpoint: The Housing Bill and the importance of small beer

November 3, 2015 by LGiU

There is much in the new Housing Bill that will garner a lot of attention and heated discussion. Andrew Dixon, Policy Advisor at the Federation of Master Builders, looks past the headline grabbing measures at what is proposed for planning.



October 21, 2015 by LGiU

Planning, as councillors know, is a democratic tool in the otherwise messy business of shaping the future and sharing scarce resources. But, writes Kate Henderson, planning must change so it is genuinely focused on people’s needs.

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Viewpoint: Informing the reform process

October 16, 2015 by LGiU

The announcements and reforms are coming thick and fast from central government, Tom Lawrence takes a look at the landscape. There are many common phrases to describe how things change or how they stay the same. “Evolution not revolution”, “May you live in interesting times” and “Plus ça change, plus c’est…



LGiU this autumn

September 10, 2015 by LGiU

Over the next few months LGiU is focusing on what it takes to help make stronger communities, stronger services and stronger local democracy. Here is a preview of some of our forthcoming programme.


Viewpoint: Making devolution an open process

September 9, 2015 by LGiU

The political cut and thrust of the devolution debate is fascinating, and has enormous implications for the future of the way that local services will be delivered, writes Ed Hammond from the Centre for Public Scrutiny. It is particularly annoying that so much of it is being conducted behind closed…

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Knowsley communal garden (image only)

Beautiful by design

September 1, 2015 by LGiU

A recent ResPublica paper suggests that communities need a legal right to beauty. Janet Sillett finds much to ponder in the idea.

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